Why Choose Lucky Cha Cha

Lucky Cha Cha has experience working with enterprise companies generating billions in revenues, integrating and automating their marketing and sales systems. After understanding the intricacies of complex architectures, we are confident we can help online businesses grow from $0 to billions (USD) in revenues.

The Cha Cha is an energetic, rapid and well-orchestrated dance; there is no room for error. The synchrony has to be perfect between both dance partners. To that point, we built our integration and automation the same way. The data integration between multiple systems must be quick and precise. Becoming “Lucky” just doesn’t happen overnight. Lucky derives from the mindset of the business owner and their management team. Our definition of being “Lucky” is the deliberate planning and execution of your game plan over the years.

In ecommerce, there are no sales reps to greet your prospects. Instead, you have several business critical applications integrated together to operate your business 24 x 7 x 365. In this case, our technology produces more “Making my Luck” versus “Hoping to get Lucky.” Clearly, our technology make businesses more confident in their system and processes.

This is the explanation behind Lucky Cha Cha.

Business Operations Dilemma

Your company is a fledgling, but filled with promise as you begin the entrepreneurial life. People who have already tested or bought your product tell you how awesome it is. However, you need more than a few happy customers.

You need to let the world know about the awesomeness of your product!

We understand that you need to use your start-up capital wisely and stretch those investment dollars as far as you can. So we’re ready to help you get as much bang for your buck as you can.

The Hard Way

Hire your own internal team.

This involves the tedious process of advertising for an open job, interviewing, and taking the chance of picking someone who looks good on paper and makes a good presentation but may or may not work to your benefit. Then, if he or she does not deliver the results you are looking for, you have to go through that whole process again – painful trial and error. There go too many of your valuable “start-up” investment dollars down the drain … not to mention, lots of your valuable time just went down the drain with those dollars!

Learn to do everything yourself.

Face it! There are not enough hours in the day to do everything yourself. You have enough to deal with, from making payroll for the employees you do have to “battling fires” that can flare during a typical business day. You are not Superman or Superwoman!

Think about it this way. You can go to the coin-operated laundromat and do all the work involved in getting your clothes clean, fluffed, and folded even though you have thousands of other tasks on your plate. You even do a respectable job of it, but you may lose a sock or two in your haste to get all that done so you can go on to the next thing on your “to do” list.

Can you afford to drop anything when you are trying to make your business profitable?

The Costly Way

You have acknowledged that you know practically zip about marketing and sales. You admit you clearly need some help in that facet of your new business. However, many consultants can be quite pricey, which is rough on your investment stash. Not to mention, marketing consultants may have expertise in a few areas of marketing, but not necessarily the full-stack marketing businesses rely on these days. So you could find yourself contracting with more than one pricey consultant.

You may even invest your limited funds in untested tools and efforts that flop, leaving you with no more viable leads than you started out with, but poorer. Unless you graduated from college with an advanced degree in marketing, you probably don’t have the expertise to understand the marketing and sales world.

You can drop your laundry off at your full service laundry and dry cleaner’s store and have them clean everything, from your socks and t-shirts to your pin-striped suit, which will clearly be considerably more expensive. You may get fantastically cleaned and pressed clothes, but can you really afford the long-term price for all that?

This is like you having limited knowledge of how to do laundry and trying to do it right in the coin-operated laundry. You might put your good suit pants with the label saying “Dry Clean only” into the washer and dryer with your other laundry. Then, when you pull them out of the dryer, they will be a guaranteed hopeless mess. They’re history! Now you have to spend more money to replace those valuable suit pants.

Then there is the Lucky Cha Cha!

  • Partner with affordable experts who have a wide range of marketing and sales skills; they know the systems inside out and will take you from start to finish.
  • Get strong, positive sales results without a lot of “waiting for your ship to come in.
  • Build up connections and customers for the future.
  • Best of all, get all that deep knowledge and those unique skills for the same price you would pay a full-time employee, and get it right with no trial and error.
  • Don’t bother with a long line of expensive consultants!
  • Get full-service marketing and sales results at affordable prices!
  • Now that’s stretching your dollar!