Faire – QuickBooks Online – QBO

Lucky Cha Cha Faire – QuickBooks Online – QBO App allows business owners to integrate and automate Faire transactions into QuickBooks Online without copy + pasting.

Faire Partner

Our background is in financial data integration and automation.

We’ve built other QuickBooks Online Apps and are Certified Experts in QuickBooks Online. We’ve used QuickBooks Online for 10+ years and developed their application to exceed business owners’ and accountants’ expectations.


  • Avoid the manual copy + paste between Faire and QuickBooks Online.
  • Manage your business operations with less headcount.
  • Make the business owners’ and accountants’ jobs easier.
  • Get it right the first time.

No Risk

  • We will onboard, train and ensure you are working smoothly.
  • 14 day free-trial. Try before you buy.


  • Transfer orders from Faire to QBO either as Invoices, one-to-one
  • Link Faire Orders to QBO Customers
  • All Orders to the same QBO Customer (generic customer)
  • Customer-specific information recorded in the QBO Ship-To Field
  • Create new QBO Customer records on-demand (if one doesn’t exist)
  • Manually link existing Faire Customers to existing QBO Customers
  • Can customize rules for how the linking happens
  • Link Faire Order Lines (Product sales) to QBO Products
  • Can link to existing QBO Products, or create new QBO Products using Faire product information (name, SKU) directly from LCC
  • Records transfer to QBO within ten minutes from when they’re placed
  • Optionally transfer past Faire Orders into QBO
  • Orders from the beginning of time
  • Orders placed after a specific date
  • Only Orders going forward
  • Dashboards to view record transfer statistics, as well as sales, number of products orders, top-selling products, etc.