Shopify – QuickBooks Online – QBO

Lucky Cha Cha Shopify – QuickBooks Online – QBO App allows business owners and accountants to understand their financial performance at a detailed level. Shopify and QBO are the core of any ecommerce business.

QuickBooks Online Certified

Our background is in financial data integration and automation.

We’ve built other Shopify and QuickBooks Online Apps and are Certified Experts in QuickBooks Online. We’ve used QuickBooks Online for 10+ years and developed their application to exceed business owners’ and accountants’ expectations.


  • Avoid the manual copy + paste between Shopify and QuickBooks Online QBO.
  • Manage your business operations with less headcount.
  • Make the business owners’ and accountants’ jobs easier.
  • Get it right the first time.

No Risk

  • We will onboard, train and ensure you are working smoothly.
  • 14 day free-trial. Try before you buy.


  • Transfer orders from Shopify to QBO either as Sales Receipts or Invoices, one-to-one
  • Link Shopify Orders to QBO Customers
  • All Orders to the same QBO Customer (generic customer)
  • Customer-specific information recorded in the QBO Ship-To Field
  • Create new QBO Customer records on-demand (if one doesn’t exist)
  • Manually link existing Shopify Customers to existing QBO Customers
  • Can customize rules for how the linking happens
  • Link Shopify Order Lines (Product sales) to QBO Products
  • Can link to existing QBO Products, or create new QBO Products using Shopify product information (name, SKU) directly from LCC
  • Record sales tax collected by Shopify in QBO
  • Records transfer to QBO within ten minutes from when they’re placed
  • Optionally transfer past Shopify Orders into QBO
  • Orders from the beginning of time
  • Orders placed after a specific date
  • Only Orders going forward
  • Dashboards to view record transfer statistics, as well as sales, number of products orders, top-selling products, etc. Transfer orders from Faire to QBO either as Invoices, one-to-one