Zapier Alternative

Zapier is a successful company that connect apps together and automates processes. Their platform allows non-coders to integrate apps. If you like adventure and relish DIY self-service wood-crafting, then this is definitely a powerful platform for your toolbox. Their technology is impressive, however non-technical business owners should understand how the data will integrate with their other apps. For instance, there are several settings which need to be well planned before integrating Shopify – QuickBooks Online (QBO). This isn’t trivial and requires planning with a whiteboard. It is best advised for the business to ask their accountant how they want the Shopify Orders to enter QuickBooks Online (QBO). Don’t forget about the taxes, discounts, refunds. QuickBooks Online (QBO) needs to be clean for the business owner and accounting to understand their business performance. Please keep QBO clean with financial data.

A Zapier Alternative is Lucky Cha Cha: Shopify Apps and Quickbooks (QBO) Apps. Lucky Cha Cha built financial data integration and automation. Ecommerce Integration Automation is their expertise. Lucky Cha Cha focuses on Building Business Critical Apps for Ecommerce. We will ensure all your settings are correct from Day 1. For business owners who don’t want to learn new technology or data architecture, then Lucky Cha Cha is there to explain the logic clearly.

Lucky Cha Cha’ has built other Shopify and QuickBooks Online Apps and are Certified Experts in QuickBooks Online. We’ve used QuickBooks Online for 10+ years and developed their application to exceed business owners’ and accountants’ expectations.

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